Zapier + MySQL tutorial

Save hotspot customers in your own database.

You may want to save hotspot customer's data to your database. In this example we show you how to add a new Mysql row whenever a new hotspot customer registers on your splash page.

Before you start, prepare a database that can receive data. We have prepared an SQL statement as a sample, you can run this and it will create the database.

From the left side, choose HotspotSystem as the trigger. Choose "New Customer" to send a new data for every new customer. From the right side, choose Mysql and choose "New Row".

You can get your API key from the Control Center > Tools & Settings > API Keys.

You may want to include customers from a specific location only. You can also use Locations Groups if you defined them in the Control Center. If you used an API Key which is created for a secondary operator, then only those customers will be added who register in those locations that are assigned to the secondary operator.

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