Installation Guide

Ubiquiti OpenWRT Hotspot Firmware

Important note: This solution requires a Hotspot Operator Account at You can create an Operator Account here. If you would like to see what features you will be able to use with our solutions, click here. If you already have an Operator Account, then read on...

1. Please download the firmware applicable to your router from here:

For Ubiquiti devices, choose the UBNT directory, then the one, that applies to your specific router. For the Picostation, please choose the Bullet directory.

The first file ending with 'factory.bin' in the directory is for an upgrade a router's factory state and firmware, while the second one ending with 'sysupgrade.bin' should be applied when upgrading from openWRT or DD-WRT.

2. Upgrade your router's firmware with the file downloaded:


3. If you have a router with 4+1 ethernet ports like the Ubiquiti Airrouter, you can connect to it on If you have an access point type device with one ethernet port only, (like Ubiquiti Nanostation, Picostation, Rocket) connect it to your existing uplink router. You need to find out the IP address of the hotspot router from the uplink router's admin page(where the hotspot router is connecting to). Also, the hotspot router needs to have internet connection through the uplink router in order to run the setup script.

4. If you found out the IP address of the device of the hotspot router, you need to reach it from your browser.

Press enter here, to log in without password first.


Click Go to password


Set a password by typing it twice in the corresponding fields.


5. Now you have to reach your router via SSH (use putty.exe from here: or from a MAC you can use 'ssh IP address' from a terminal window) with the password set previously. (You won't be able to access the router via SSH if you haven't set a password for the router.)

6. Login in to your account on our website.

Go to Manage > Locations > yourlocation > Router setup command (bottom of page)

Please choose OpenWRT as the setup command type and copy the text of the script. Then paste your router setup script with SHIFT-INSERT (on PC) in the SSH window, and hit ENTER. The script will set up the router.

Enter 'reboot' then hit ENTER to reboot the router and your hotspot will be running once the router boots up, give it at least 2 minutes.

Should you have any more questions or problems, please read our Knowledgebase or contact Help Desk.

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