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You can integrate with Mailchimp with the help of Zapier. Zapier has a growing collection of APIs for some of the most popular apps making it very easy to integrate one tool with another without the need for any technical intervention.

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You should use this new app as the old one will be revoked soon.

From the left side, choose as a trigger. Choose "New Customer" if you want to add all customers to your SMS campaign. Choose "New Subscriber" if you only want to add those customers who checks the "Subscribe to newsletter" checkbox on the splash page. From the right side, choose Mailchimp and choose "Add Subscriber".

Add your HotspotSystem account by adding your API Key. You can generate an API key from the Control Center, under Tools > API Keys.


Add your Mailchimp account. You will be forward to Mailchimp's panel to log in to Mailchimp and authorize Zapier.


Optionally you may want to define a filter to add subscribers from only a specific location, or only those customers whose email exists.


Create your Mailchimp subscriber based on a list you have. stores First Name and Last Name as "name" so you may want to add a "Full Name" field to your Mailchimp list first so you can use this tag in your campaign. Or you can just use "First Name" as the full name.

Then choose your Mailchimp list, then click in to the email filed and choose "Email" from the list and you may also wish to integrate the customer's name to mailchimp, either as "First Name" or the custom "Full Name" if you added this filed previously. You can click on "enable live preview" to see the actual data that will be exported to mailchimp. If you need help, check out Zapier's Mailchimp tutorial. (


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