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Cloud-Based Hotspot Management

Cloud-Based Hotspot Management

You can manage unlimited hotspot locations from the Control Center. All changes you do (change access packages, replace LOGOs, change HTML codes, etc) are available in remote locations in real time. Router Alert feature will alert you if a device goes down.

All user activity can be seen when it happens and can also be exported or can be accessed remotely via our API.

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Create a Pay-PER-USE Hotspot
Hotspot PRO

Charge your customers using your own pricing in your local currency. Our software comes with built-in revenue stream so you can accept direct credit card or paypal payments instantly! Local payment methods like iDeal or DirectEBanking are also supported.


You can offer Free Trial with limited time, traffic or bandwidth limits so users can try out the service before paying. You can also provide a limited free access per day, or week or month. Even free trial can be valuable if you use it as a marketing tool.

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Supported Devices

We support many hardware and firmware which you can use to run the client software directly. It will communicate with our web, database and radius servers and handle redirection and authentication.

You can also use your existing hardware and network if you put a hotspot gateway device behind your network. This can also be a supported router or even a PC. In this case you don't need to change your existing configuration to make it compatible with our system, you only need to add one more device.

Check out whether your hardware is directly supported on our Supported Devices page

While we are using our own ecosystem to collect and store any activity that happens in your hotspots, you can access them remotely via our powerful API. If you are not a programmer, we also offer a simple way to integrate with many services like MailChimp using Zapier. That way you can make integrations without writing a single line of code!

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