Supported Devices

Standalone Solutions for Small Venues

If you are a small venue (coffee shop, small restaurant) you can run the hotspot on the AP / Router directly.

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for Small Venues
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Gateway for Large Venues

You can use any kind of Access points (even your existing ones) in combination of a hotspot gateway.

Compatible with any hardware like:

Case Studies
for Large Venues
Installation Guides
Controller Comparison
Authentication Built-In Solution Easy-Setup Advantages Disadvantage
  • supports variety of routers
  • we offer pre-built OpenWRT for variety of routers
  • may be difficult to set up if you would like to make it work for a device which we don't have a pre-built firmware for
Mikrotik RouterOS
  • stable solution
  • perfect for hotspot gateway
  • supported by manufacturer
  • IT knowledge may be required for advanced configuration
Open-Mesh / Cloudtrax
  • coverange can be expanded easily
  • routers can be configured from the cloud
  • managing and monitoring is through a 3rd party cloud company
  • newer Cloudtrax versions are not fully compatible
  • supports variety of routers
  • setup can be a headache due to different firmware versions and builds
  • not perfect for hotspot purposes due to chillispot limitations
Cradlepoint / Peplink / Multitech / Ignitenet
  • hotspot solution is offered and supported by manufacturer
  • easy setup with HotspotSystem

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