Installation Guide Installation Guide for Open Mesh Firmware 6.x

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Important note: This solution requires a Hotspot Operator Account at You can create an Operator Account here. If you would like to see what features you will be able to use with our solutions, click here. If you already have an Operator Account, then read on...

The 6.3.x and 6.4.x (still beta phase) firmware versions seem identical apart from some minor features. You get all the necessary settings from the screenshots of our OM2P-LC setup. Note that the router's other settings are not described / shown to full extent since you get pop-up based help for all the settings so you can experiment if you need those features and access the official Open Mesh guides / support all times.

If you’re still running / trying to run on 5.x.x firmwares then it’s worth upgrading to 6.x.x since it does work except the traffic limitation. Open Mesh don’t plan to implement it but we’ll update the guide if we see it working in the future.

All settings are checked and used in this exact state/value described herein. If you set them to another state or value it may or may not work and it’s your responsibility.

You have to log in from and see your access point assigned to your account so you get the settings as seen on the screenshots.

On the first page the most important thing is the time zone: you have to set GMT since all our authentication servers run on GMT.

The name of your network and locations are individual to your account. The alert email address should be your one.

Under SSID1 you get the following settings. The wireless bands can be set individually. Bandwidth throttling should be on but the actual value will be used is set by our servers and not the Open Mesh firmware so the best is to set them the highest available. The splash page is set to a combined one so you get the login option on the splash page.

Under the splash page settings you have to set the radius servers and your NASID which is your operator username_location ID so e.g. if your username is freewifi and this is your 1st location then it’s freewifi_1 . Set the client force timeout to at least as long as your Control Center setting for this one. There are also settings for failed logins you can use these if you wish, we left them at defaults which is the best approach if you are facing a new , mostly unknown firmware.

Under the whitelist section you can whitelist MAC addresses under Whitelist.

Domains and hosts can be whitelisted under Walled Garden. You have to add here a number of domains and hosts related to our service:

Add these IP addresses under Walled garden one by one, one in a line:

You also have to add these hosts under Walled garden one by one, one in a line:

If you want to use the SOCIAL plan you have to include these sites too:

The screenshot is an example, you have to include all the sites and hosts above.

Under the rest of the Advanced settings you’ll find the defaults.

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