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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter for hotspot gateway

Important note: This solution requires a Hotspot Operator Account at You can create an Operator Account here. If you would like to see what features you will be able to use with our solutions, click here. If you already have an Operator Account, then read on...


STEP A - Connecting to the router

- At first you have to connect your PC to the port ethernet 0, and set static ip on the PC.

- We will set up the hotspot network on port ethernet 1.

- In this configuration the EdgeRouter will get its IP address automatically via DHCP from your existing uplink router on the port ethernet 2.

- Connect the router to the internet via ethernet 2 now, internet connection is needed for STEP C.

STEP B - Configuring the interfaces of the EdgeRouter

- Open a web browser on the connected PC and type into the adress bar. Enter the login name 'ubnt', and password 'ubnt'.

- Do not choose any wizard, go to the eth2 interface row on the bottom of the page and click Actions on the right and choose Config.

- Choose 'Use DHCP' and Save your setting.

- Next choose NAT on the left plane.

- Click on “Add Source NAT Rule”. Choose a description, that suits your case. Outbound Interface > eth2. Under Translation click 'Use Masquerade'. Under Protocol choose 'All protocols'. That's all here and you can click Save.

STEP C - Setting up the Hotspot

- Log in to the Control Center on our website, and go to the Locations page (Manage/Locations). Click on the location name for the hotspot information page. On the ROUTER SETUP COMMAND section select UBNT EdgeRouter, and copy the setup command.

- Paste the command from the Control Center into the EgdeRouter's command line interface CLI (Top righ corner username/password: ubnt/ubnt).


- If the paste is not working, you can connect with putty.exe (or in a terminal window: ssh on a MAC), and open an SSH session to

- Paste the setup command with SHIFT-INSERT and press ENTER. The setup command will install and configure Coovachilli on the Edgerouter.

- Wait for reboot. The hotspot network will be available on port ethernet 1.

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