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Setup Your Own Hotspot with Keenetic

Important note: This solution requires a Hotspot Operator Account at You can create an Operator Account here. If you would like to see what features you will be able to use with our solutions, click here. If you already have an Operator Account, then read on...

- Log in to the Control Center on, and go to the Locations page (Manage/Locations). Click on the location name for the hotspot information page.

- Click Add a New Hotspot Location. Register the location.

- In Menu Hotspot Location click on Location and scroll down to select OpenWRT in menu Router Setup Command for This Location.

- To support hotspot (Captive Portal) Keenetic is running firmware version 2.10 at least.

- Make sure that you have a working Internet connection. Plug in your Internet uplink cable to WAN port (blue color) and connect your computer to LAN port (yellow color) or via Wi-Fi. Wireless broadband Internet connection is possible in case to plug in 4G modem to USB port.

- Open a browser and type or The first time you connect to Web GUI router requests to install login and password.

- Go to menu General system settings. Click button Change the set of Components. Make sure component Captive portal is included.

- Click Save. The router will reboot after installing latest firmware and included components.

- To support hotspot (Captive Portal) Keenetic is running firmware version 2.10 at least.

- Go to menu Guest network. Scroll down to look for Captive Portal. Select HotSpotSystem in Profile

- Profile contains settings to activate Captive Portal. Just add parameter RADIUS NAS ID from Control Center in portal HotspotSystem. RADIUS NAS ID has the format OPERATORNAME_LOC#. For example if you registered in Control Center an operator “hotelhotspot” and want to configure the second location, the RADIUS NAS ID will be “hotelhotspot_2″. Accordingly the first RADIUS NAS ID is “hotelhotspot”.

- Click Save to apply settings.

This is all several steps of installation. Please test your hotspot. You can also set custom packages including design of splash in the Control Center

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