Guide to set up Engenius captive portal devices through the browser based wizard Installation Guide for Engenius captive portal

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On page #1 you need to choose if you are setting up a repeater device or a regular hotspot access point.

Gateway should be connected by a LAN cable to the internet source. The Repeater will wirelessly repeat another EzCaptive gateway or repeater.nel.

If you want a repeater you need to know that there's no possible way to configure it once you're done with the setup, you have to reset it if you want to set it another way.

You can also upgrade or downgrade the firmware on the router, which could be initiated with selecting the firmware file. If you do it, you have to wait at least 5 minutes or until when you get tha ezCaptive SSID again on your computer to connect from. Do not unplug the device from power during this time or you may render it unusable.

On screen #2 you have to check if you use a regular setup or you are a White Label/SOCIAL plan using operator. In this second case you have to go on with advanced options. If you're not a White Label operator and you don't use a SOCIAL plan you can go on with basic settings.

If you choosed to go with the non-advanced setup, you have to enter your NASID only on the next page. It builds up from your operator username and your location ID/number. So for your first location it will be operatorname_1.

On the advanced settings screen you have to set your NASID. It builds up from your operator username and your location ID/number. So for your first location it will be operatorname_1.

The White Label name (ONLY IN CASE OF YOU ARE A WHITE LABEL OPERATOR, ELSE IT SHOULD BE should be the fully qualified domain name you set previously on the White Label settings page in the Control Center.

In the Walled Garden field you can set the domain names you want to be whitelisted. So if you want to let the users to be able to access Google without having to log in, you can set here.

If you use SOCIAL media logins on your splash page you have to set that with Social Media Logins: Yes.

On the next page you can set if you want to use a Private SSID. You can use it for your own/staff access, it is directly connected to your internet source line and provides password protection via WPA/WPA2.

You need to give the name for your private SSID on the following page ad also have to set the password for this SSID on this to finish it.

On the next page you can set a second private SSID or you can skip it. Password is required also if you decide to use this option.

The next page will set the wireless mesh option. This covers the repeater mode.

If you dont need a wireless mesh just click on no.

The wireless standard will be downgraded to 802.11g so the device connection speed will be 54Mbps max, that will read 20-25 Mbps actual speed.

If you choosed YES for the repeater mode you have to go on with the actual settings for the Mesh network SSID and password, these have to be the same among all Mesh routers in your network.

This page lets you choose your own SSID name for the hotspot.

The following option gives you the option to set a static IP address, if you don't set one, your device will use a DHCP configuration and get the IP address as needed from the DHCP server on your network. DHCP is recommended, only use static IP address if you know what you're doing.

If you choosed to use a static IP address, then you can add detailed configuration data on this page. The page will give you the actual settings the device is communicating with right the moment you open the pages in your browser. You can modify them to use the static address you want to use. Obviously as with all static IP address configurations, you have to add a subnet mask, gateway and DNS servers.

The last page sets the password for the router. This the password you need to use for accessing the router via the browser GUI.

This is the final confirmation page. You have to click Submit to save all settings. A last confirmation popup will ask you if you are confirming it finally.

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