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Hotspot Setup Instructions for CradlePoint 3G/4G routers

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Hotspot Setup Instructions for CradlePoint 3G/4G routers

1. Connect to your router`s SSID

2. Open a browser and go to (router's IP address) you can check this (gateway/router) address if you right-click the wifi network and choose Status. You'll be also asked for the GUI password of the router, by default it's the same as the WPA password (last 8 digits of MAC address of router). If you cannot access the router then use the reset button to set it back to factory defaults. (Disconnect any devices that are connected physically to the CradlePoint, leave only the power cord connected to the router. With the router powered ON use a straightened paper clip to press and hold the Reset Button on the CradlePoint router for at least 45 seconds. Allow approximately 1 minute for the router to initialize and complete it’s boot up cycle before attempting to reconnect to the router. The router has been returned to the original factory configuration, so be sure to use the default password on WIFI and the GUI. (last 8 digits of MAC address on factory sticker on the router).

3. If there was a factory reset after loggin in you'll be asked to Modify your password for the router and to verify the your time zone. The latter is more important, please set it to (UTC) Greenwich. If you did not reset the router then go to System > Administration > System clock and set UTC / Greenwich . Uncheck Daylight Savings Time.

4.Go to STATUS > Internet > Connections and make sure you're connected to the internet with the router.

5.Go to NETWORKING > Local Networks > Local IP Networks > Configure Open Guest LAN by checking its checkbox and clicking Edit above. Click Ipv4 settings. Change the IP address to , netmask should be .IPv4 routing mode should be set to Hotspot.

6.Go back to NETWORKING > Local networks > Hotspot services > Hotspot mode > Choose RADIUS/UAM.

Then browse down on the page and click Load Partner Profile > choose and click Load.

7. Then go down on the page to UAM settings / NAS / Gateway ID and enter your operatorusername_locationID (example: if your operator username is "cafehotspot" and this is your first location, enter "cafehotspot_1"). You also have to set the bandwidth limits right above to zero to get the speed limits you set in the Control Center for your packages applied correctly.

NOTE: In case you are installing multiple routers in the same location, you should use different NAS IDs. For the second routers you need to add '_wds_1' to the NAS Id, for the third router '_wds_2', etc. So for example if you want to install the second router in location 3, the NASID should be set to '3_wds_1'.

8.You can modify the Heartbeat settings if you want a more frequent feedback from your router. The initial setting is to get a life signal every 60 minutes.

Now click Save settings to apply all settings on the configuration page.

9. Go to NETWORKING > Local Networks > Wireless settings. Choose the Public*** named SSID by its checkbox then click Edit. Give it an SSID you want to use, then set its parameters according to the following, then click Save.

10. It is also possible to keep the splash pages and login pages separated OR use a Walled Garden URL. Please read this article.

11. Verify that you've set at least the Idle timeout and Session timeout settings in the Cradlepoint router to the same value that you set in the Control Center, else the router will overwrite those settings for the users against Radius servers. Bandwidth values are best set to zero to avoid conflicting with the Radius servers.

For Hotspot FREE SOCIAL locations: you need to add several domains/hosts to the allowed field in order to allow users to log in to there favorite social site. Please follow this article to add these domains/hosts to the whitelist.

Please log in to Control Center where you can manage your HotSpot locations, view transaction's details, change prices, etc.

Should you have any more questions or problems, please read our Knowledgebase or contact Help Desk.

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