Installation Guide

How to set up AMIT M2M cellular gateway with Hotspot System

Important note: This solution requires a Hotspot Operator Account at You can create an Operator Account here. If you would like to see what features you will be able to use with our solutions, click here. If you already have an Operator Account, then read on...

HOTSPOTSYSTEM is one of the most popular software providers for hotspot. This document can help you to understand how to set up AMIT router with HOTSPOTSYSTEM, and in this document we also introduce how to set up HOTSPOTSYSTEM with a second DHCP Server to isolate the hotspot to the default LAN subnet and also have client isolation due to the concern on security.

Administration/ System Operation/ System Tim – Ensure Time Zone is configured as GMT+00:00.

Basic Network/ WAN & Uplink/ Physical Interface – Configure WAN-1 for Physical Interface.

Basic Network/ WAN & Uplink/ Internet Setup – Configure WAN-1 for Internet Connection.

Basic Network/ WiFi/ WiFi Module – Configure 2.4GHz WiFi Access Point. Set Authentication to Open and Encryption to None.

Basic Network/ WiFi/ WiFi Module Two – Configure 5GHz WiFi Access Point. Set Authentication to Open and Encryption to None.

Basic Network/ LAN & VLAN/ DHCP Server – Create a new DHCP server DHCP2 different from DHCP1.

Basic Network/ LAN & VLAN/ VLAN – Add a VLAN rule to bind VAP1 with DHCP2 for the use of Captive Portal Hotspot.

- GNSS: check Enable box
- LGNSS Message Types: checkRMC/strong>box
- Assisted GPS: check Enable box
- Data to Storage: check Enable box

Create a UAM Server with the following settings.

- Server Name: hotspotsystem
- Login URL:
- Shared Secret: hotsys123
- NAS/Gateway ID: Operator Username used for access to the HOTSPOTSYSTEM Control Center
- Location ID: Numeric value of the Location ID created on the HOTSPOTSYSTEM Control Center
- Server IP/FQDN:
- Server: Check Enable box

Object Definition/ External Server/ External Server – Create a Radius Server with the following settings:

- Server Name: Radius
- Primary Shared Key: hotsys123
- Server IP/FQDN:
- Server: Check Enable box

Security/ Authentication/ Captive Portal – Configure Captive Portal with the following settings:

- Captive Portal: Check Enable box
- WAN Interface: WAN-1 or another WAN Interface to be used by the Captive Portal
- LAN Subnet: DHCP-2, created in Step4.
- Walled-Garden domains:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
- Authentication Server: Select External RADIUS Server created in Step7
- UAM Server: Check Enable box and select the UAM server created in Step6

Note: Integration is developed and provided by AMIT. If you need help setting it up, you can contact AMIT for support: