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Send Welcome Emails to New Wi-Fi Users

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In this example we integrate with a transactional email provider (Mandrill) to send out a "Welcome email" to every new Wi-Fi user. Mandrill also supports scheduled delivery so you can set it up to send an email let's say 3 days after registration and send a survey to measure customer satisfaction.

From the left side, choose HotspotSystem as the trigger. Choose "New Customer" to send an email to all customers. From the right side, choose Mandrill and choose "Send Email".

You can get your API key from the Control Center > Tools & Settings > API Keys.

You can get your API key from your Mandrill Dashboard by clicking on the icon on the top right and choose SMTP & API Credentials > New API Key.

You may want to include customers from a specific location only. You can also use Locations Groups if you defined them in the Control Center. If you used an API Key which is created for a secondary operator, then only those customers will receive emails that are assigned to the secondary operator.

Enter your name and email where you will send the emails from. To set the "To Email", click on the hotspot logo on the right side of the text box and select "Email". In the subject, or body text you can also use data from HotspotSystem, for example to replace customer name to the real name of the customer, just click on the hotspot logo on the right side of subject, or body text, and choose "Customer Name".

That's it!

The system will send this email automatically to each customer. You can check those emails from Mandrill's Dashboard.

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