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Do you live near a hotel, apartment, marina, campground, tourist attraction, or in a busy venue? It's time to setup your own Wi-Fi Hotspot service and provide internet for tourists and make money with our INSTANT HOTSPOT™ solution.

With the use of the INSTANT HOTSPOT™, you can quickly and easily make money from home. Just share your internet with a low cost wireless router, set the prices with our software to a bit cheaper than the competition, and it's guaranteed that Wi-Fi users will buy the access from you!

Apart from a broanband internet connection (which you will share), a low cost wireless router is needed. We suggest to use a LinkSys WRT54GL router, but you can choose other models as well from the compatibility list.

It depends on the location and the competition. If you can setup a hotspot near a marina, you can earn up to $1000 in a month. Be sure to check out the prices of the competition first, then you can set your own pricing in your own currency and it's guaranteed that tourists with a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop will buy the internet from you. Tourists can pay by credit cards or PayPal from your Hotspot Start page directly.

The service has no setup or monthly fee, so there're no risks. You just have to pay a small commission (maximum of 30%) from the successful transactions. We charge the users, then pay you out in every month.

For more information please visit the full description of the Hotspot PRO service.

1. Get a compatible router and have a broadband internet connection on spot.

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3. Setup and personalize your router configuration

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Please read our FAQ page, where you can find lots of useful information regarding the installation and the system. Should you have any other questions please contact our Help Desk

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