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How to Setup Your Own Hotspot with OPENWRT (BackFire) and CoovaChilli
(Legacy Broadcom based routers only!)

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1. Download the appropriate firmware for your router from

For a Linksys WRT54GL use the openwrt-wrt54gs-squashfs.bin file


2. Upgrade the firmware from the command line by establishing an SSH session to the router.

3. Install the necessary packages


Use the following commands
opkg update
opkg install coova-chilli

Check with opkg list to see if you have kmod-tun installed. If not then you will need to install that also.

opkg install kmod-tun

you may want to use joe editor instead of the vi editor
install joe editor ('opkg install joe')

4. manually copy paste chilli. (SHIFT+Insert using joe)
joe /etc/init.d/chilli Copy our example startup file:
and save it with joe.

5. enable permissions
chmod a+x /etc/init.d/chilli

6. check your lan configuration


Issue ifconfig and note the names of the WAN and LAN interfaces as they appear


7. Edit defaults to look like the example file (it may be easier to remove the original defaults file and copy paste the new one in)
joe /etc/chilli/defaults

Copy our example "defaults" file from
and edit the lines NASIDthat should display your operatorid.

HS_LOC_ID="you hotspot's location number from the control center" HS_NASID=”your operatorid” Match the following entries beginning with
to the output of the ifconfig command from before. If the WAN and LAN interfaces appear diffferent then you will need to overwrite them.

to exit joe with saving the hit escape, then X, and type „exsave”.


8. Check to see if your wireless interface is turned on.
joe /etc/config/wireless
and make sure wireless interface is enabled (hash "option disabled 1")
You can change the SSID under the „option SSID”


10. when it comes back you can start chilli

/etc/init.d/chilli start

you make get the following error.
md5sum: can't open '/etc/chilli/main.conf': No such file or directory

simply start chilli again

11. Test the hotspot
When you connect wireless to the router you should now get an ip address in the network Open a browser and try to surf the net. You will get the splash page.

12. if it works well then you can make chilli autostart.
cd /etc/rc.d
ln -s /etc/init.d/chilli s60chilli

remove dnsmasq autostart
rm /etc/rc.d/S60dnsmasq

joe /etc/rc.local

add this line:
chilli start

13. Add a cron to have device show up in the control center.

Your MAC address should appear as XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX and not as

To add a cron enter: crontab -e, and enter the following line (it should start with a number between 0-60):

00 * * * * /usr/bin/wget\&nasid=YOUROPERATORID_YOURLOCATIONID\& uptime=`uptime|sed s/" "/\%20/g|sed s/:/\%3A/g|sed s/,/\%2C/g` -O /tmp/up.html

Press enter and save the file.

That's all. You can setup hotspot service even on a wired connection. In this case you have to choose an ethernet port instead of wlan or you can setup hotspot on both ports.

If you have successfully setup your router you have to see a login window when connecting via wireless. You can log in with username admin, blank password.

Should you have any more questions or problems, please read our Knowledgebase or contact Help Desk.

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