Thermal Voucher Printer

Just push a button to print out a voucher. No computer, no ink required!

Voucher Printer Features
Print Voucher codes On-the-Fly
Print Voucher codes On-the-Fly

Just push a button on our Voucher Thermal Printer and print voucher codes on the fly! No computer is required to print out the code, as the printer is directly connected to the internet wirelessly and get a voucher code from our servers when you push the button. The printer is designed by our team and it's the first and only voucher thermal printer which can print out voucher codes on the fly from the Cloud!

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Stop Network Abuse Easy Customizaton

From the Control Center you can manage your printers easily. Each printer can use different voucher packages, different text or logo. Networking preferences can be set on the printer's administration interface.

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