Zapier + Constant Contact

Send new hotspot customers to your customer database!

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In this example we will automatically add your hotspot customers into Constant Contact (online marketing company). You can use any other app to collect your customers which is integrated into Zapier (or you can write your own code using our API). You can even collect customers in your mysql database automatically!

Choose for the left side as the Trigger and choose "New Customer". For the action on the right side, choose "Constant Contact" and "Create Contact"

Optionally you may want to define a filter to add customers from a specific location only. You can also use Locations Groups if you defined them in the Control Center. If you used an API Key which is created for a secondary operator, then only those customers will receive emails that are assigned to the secondary operator.

Select your Constant Contact list where you would like to collect your customers. Then choose the fields from HotspotSystem database you wish to import by selecting the appropriate fields. If you want to collect other info from your customers in your Hotspot like "Job Title", you can add a custom field from Manage > Locations > click on name > Modify Hotspot Data > Data Capture in the Control Center.

That's It!

Try out and enable your zap. In case of a successful integration, your customers will be loaded into your Constant Contact database in every 15 minutes, plus a few minute sync delay.

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